June 8, 2018

In Edwin A. Abbott’s ‘Flatland,’ a 2-D square discovers there’s more to the universe than up, down, left and right. ‘Place a penny on the middle of one of your tables,” says the narrator of an odd little novel. “Look down upon it. It will appear a circle.” As you lower your eye to the…

About Me

John J. Miller lives on a dirt road in rural Michigan. He is director of the Dow Journalism Program at Hillsdale College and writes for National Review, the Wall Street Journal, and other publications. His books include The First Assassin, a historical thriller set during the Civil War, The Big Scrum: How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football, and The Polygamist King: A True Story of Murder, Lust, and Exotic Faith in America. He is the founder and executive director of the Student Free Press Association, a non-profit group best known for its news website, The College Fix. The Chronicle of Higher Education has called Miller “one of the best literary journalists in the country.”